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Custom Laser Cutting 

Our in-house custom CNC laser cutting service offers the best in precision, performance and price. Our custom CNC laser cutting service is ideal for quickly and efficiently making the parts you need for any project. Whether it's Steel, Stainless Steel or Aluminum laser cutting offers the cleanest edge and tightest tolerance. With short lead times in both our Minneapolis, MN & Fort Worth, TX locations, Discount Steel is your one stop shop for laser cutting metal!

Aluminum Plate Treasure Boxes

Our Aluminum Plate Treasure Boxes contain a unique 20lb combination of different shapes and sizes, perfect for a wide variety of projects. The 6061 Aluminum Plate Treasure Box consists of prime 6061 Aluminum Plate, while our Aluminum Cast Tooling Plate Treasure Box consists of prime Aluminum Cast Tooling Plate. Each item is cut on our Precision Plate Saw, giving every piece a nice clean edge. Both Boxes are available for the low price of $49.

Evolution RAGE 2
Multipurpose Chop Saw

This incredible Chop Saw comprehensively out-performs abrasive saws. The Rage 2 features a patented RAGE® technology, utilizing a TCT (TUNGSTEN CARBIDE TIPPED) blade rather than an abrasive wheel. Plus it has the ability to cut Steel, Aluminum and Wood with a single blade. The cut is fast, clean with no burr and virtually no sparks. All for the low delivered price of $279.99!

Telescoping Hinges

Our telescoping hinges consist of cold rolled steel round bars that telescope into DOM round tubing. DOM or "Drawn Over Mandrel" has a smooth inside diameter. This creates a combination that has a wide variety of uses in a metal fabrication shop, such as custom hinges, adjustable clamps, adjustable stops, pivots, axles and more.

Ellis 1600 Portable Miter Band Saw

Ellis 1600 Miter Band Saw. Great saw at a great delivered price of $2895. Head of band saw moves left or right for angle cutting. Built-in protractor for fast and accurate selection of angles. One-step conversion from horizontal to vertical band saw. Stock remains in one position for all cuts. Portable-this band saw moves easily to the job site.

Metal Cutting Saw Blades

Discount Steel has a range of blades available for a variety of applications. The blades we offer are capable of cutting mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum leaving a smooth, clean finish. Don't forget, free shipping on hardware orders over $99.99 applies to all of our Saw Blades! 

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