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See what some of our customers are saying:
"I Have to say! I have never been to a steel place as nice as yours. From the guards at the gate [to the] organized steel room you have. I always find my things fast and easy… Thanks for making me look good. My customers are happy my jobs get done on time. Thank You"
Fat Catz Fab

"So my husband and I decided to do a stainless steel backsplash for our kitchen. Neither one of us knew anything about steel, or how to cut it, or mount it or anything. Frankly, the staff at Discount Steel could have easily laughed us out of the place and it would have been acceptable. 

Instead, the staff were EXTREMELY friendly, welcoming, and above all helpful! Not once did they laugh at the fact that two people such as us, clearly two that could be completely incompetent at the task we were about to take...instead they cheered us on, telling us we could do it and what we need to get the job done. And guess what? We did! :)

I cannot recommend this place enough. They are friendly, their prices are way below anything Home Depot could hawk at was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and we will definitely be back for all our steel needs. Should we ever have steel needs in the future. :) 

Love this place!
Melissa F.

"If every business in the US operated like this we'd have no reason to fear anything. 
From the people on the phone, to the guy at the front gate, to the office staff, to the yard guard / checkout....outstanding. Cheerful. Helpful. Efficient. Delightful. 
A steel yard, 'delightful'??? Yeah, it is!
I was so impressed, as first-time customer on Thursday, that I phoned the company president. My cell phone drops the call almost immediately though. She calls me back!! (Caller ID, I guess.) You read it right. She called ME back!
Unreal. These guys should be teaching the class in customer service. 
Great team. Great business.

"I'm a very small customer that has done business with you over the years (small home projects). I've never had a problem but today I stopped by to purchase a whole $11 worth of drops and was blown away by the exceptional customer service. I was out in the yard looking for drops and one of the yard guys was very pleasant and asked what I was looking for. He directed me to a new retail area that specializes in my needs. On my way there I was waived over to have a free hot dog lunch. Very friendly gentleman running the grill. I worked my way over to the retail area after a quick lunch and was greeted by a very friendly employee who helped me find what I needed. He gave me a material slip so I could go checkout while he was cutting the material instead of making me wait. The gal at the counter was very friendly. All I can say is it's wonderful when you encounter great customer service. I feel guilty that I only purchased $11 worth of stuff........."
Chris F.

"Great Service! I immediately asked if I needed help by 3 or more employees, and I was in and out in a matter of 15 mins. Great Prompt Service!"

"I visited Discount Steel on 06/18 for the first time. I was not exactly sure what I needed, but was offered help and advice by their helpful staff. The customer service continued to impress me at check-out. While asking about fasteners they referred me to their hardware store, which had exactly what I needed. I will be back!"


I received my order yesterday. I wanted to take the time to thank you for the super job you did to package the stainless sheet. It was well protected and straight as an arrow when I opened it. I machined it last night and it fits like a glove...perfect. Again, thank you for the extreme effort you did to make sure the product was safe.

John S.

"Great service, great prices, nice people, quality work. Great business! I had never been to Discount Steel before. I didn't understand how things work there and I was not purchasing a large quantity for a business, I'm just a regular guy who needed a small amount of galvanized steel. Discount Steel was the only place I could find that was open on Saturday which was very important because I didn't need to take time off work during the week. Everybody was very helpful and I mean everybody, the guys in the yard, the guys in the shop and the women in the office. I think the company must be good to their employees because the employees treated each other well, they were nice to each other and they seemed to be happy. I would definitely recommend Discount Steel and I will do business with them again in the future."

"Superb service and pricing--see their work at Varsity Theater in Minneapolis. I have been a customer of Discount Steel for more than 15 years. I have seen this company grow and not lose sight of its customer service, whether it's in the yard, in the fabrication shops, or in the offices.  ALWAYS at a price that is very fair. 5 stars from me!"
Jason M.

"I just wanted to let someone know how impressed I am with Discount Steel's overall customer service. I'm in there as a retail customer on a regular basis and everyone is outstanding. From the security guard at the entrance all the way through the shop and up to the front counter. As a manager I work with my own staff on customer service and I know that more times than not, you only hear about the instances when a customer has an issue. I believe people need to hear when they are doing a great job and your whole staff is. Thank you for the service."
Joshua R.

"As always, THANK YOU for your prompt response with all my requests.  You’re the best! "
Jen C.

"Just wanted to mention the excellent service I received yesterday. They got what I needed without missing a beat! "
Mark B.

"Take a lunchtime drive up Washington Avenue and have one of the guys with cutting torches cut off whatever you need to size.   I found the material I was looking for at a really great price."
Paul B.

"Best service around!"
John B.

"Everyone was great. {This was} my first time here.  I will definitely be back!"
Melissa J.

"Everyone here is so helpful! It’s great to shop here!"
Allison L.

"I was shocked!  This was the friendliest service and best experience at a steel yard I’ve ever had.  I was extremely impressed!!!"

"Very helpful!  We love coming here for out metal needs.  Your material is in so many special DIY house projects!"

"I was just at a different steel yard and was disappointed with the service.  I came here, and experienced great help!"
Nicholas L.

"What a great place to do business with! Organized, efficient, friendly and fast."
James L.


The individuals both behind the desk and in the yard [are] friendly and a pleasure to work with.  Employees with positive attitudes, smiling faces and who are always willing to help customers make the company!


"All employees very helpful!!!"
Curtis E.

"Extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly service! Overall a GREAT experience. "
Jeff L.